Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day Five ~ Last.

This is probably the last photo I'll take of my littlest boy while he is 2. He turns 3 tomorrow and is just so so excited. He overheard Jess and I talking about buying him birthday presents yesterday and squealed, "My birfday?! IT'S MY BIRFDAY!!!" He hasn't really asked for anything in particular but he has desperately wanted a jumping castle since his brother had one in May for his 5th birthday, so when his Daddy comes back from work in a couple of weeks we'll hire the Thomas jumping castle he wants.

He is a little firecracker of energy. He is stubborn with just enough sweetness to know how to get his way. Mummy won't get up at 6am on the holidays? No worries...I'll just kiss her repeatedly on the face because it's impossible to be cranky at waking up early when I'm delivering sloppy loving kisses all over her face.

Last night at dinner he tried everything to get out of eating his chicken and salad.
"I'm full."
"I wants to go to sleep."
"My heart hurts."
Then the conversation between us went like this...
Me: Reuben, eat your chicken.
R: I have to talk to you.
Me: Just put it in your mouth.
R: I want to buy me - and you - a car.

It didn't work.

Photo A Day - Day 5 - Last.


Anonymous January 5, 2011 at 5:31 PM  

Happy birfday! Being three is ace!

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